Welcome to the Maui Polo Club

Founded in 1887, the Maui Polo Club began as an excuse for the Upcountry cowboys to get together, have fun and hone their skills. Now, one of the most respected polo clubs in the Pacific Basin – we love to bring people together, share our stories and perpetuate the sport of polo on Maui.

A great way to spend an Upcountry afternoon…

Maui Polo is a fun destination for the whole family – hot action, great folks and a beautiful setting. Pack a picnic and join us Upcountry for thrilling, non-stop action as Maui’s finest horses and riders go all-out!


What to expect
Entry is $10 and kids under 12 are free.
Gates usually open around 11am-noon for Junior Polo – this varies weekly. Check the Calendar for updates.
Adult games begin around 1:30.
Maui’s polo environment is tailgating. We have a grandstand for viewing if you prefer and lots of tailgating area around the field. Pack a lunch, sunscreen and cold drinks…come early to get the best spot.
Dress is very casual; it can be hot during the day and cool if the festivities last into the evening.

You’re invited!

There are two beautiful fields, both are located in Makawao.
Spring Season:
April-June at the Manduke Baldwin Polo Arena
Fall Season:
September-November at the Kaonoulu Ranch Polo Field
on Olinda Road.